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Posted by justjoe on October 9, 2004

The following are links to various voices of truth from moms who have lost there children to this corporate misadventure to veterans past and present concluding with a speech (I wish I had given this speech) by Tim Ryan from the floor of the House of Representitives.

Please take the time to listen to these voices. Our very future depends on us listening to each other and not a bunch of bought and paid for corporate owned politicians.

1. “BUSH LIED, MY SON DIED” from http://www.salon.com http://snipurl.com/9njd

2. “Marine’s family has sharp reprimand for Bush Administration” from http://www.startribune.com http://snipurl.com/9njs

3. Rep. Tim Ryan from Ohio: A must hear text: http://snipurl.com/9nlp
video: http://snipurl.com/9nj1

4. Please visit the veterans groups listed below they are women and men who have served their country and deserve the respect of being heard.

“We, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby
affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause
of world peace by applying the concept of engaging
conflict peacefully, without violence.”
Veterans for Peace, Inc.( http://www.veteransforpeace.org )Traveling Soldier http://www.traveling-soldier.org
Operation Truth http://optruth.com/main.cfm
Chapter 99 [Veterans For Peace] ‘Iraq Memorial Wall’ http://www.iraqwall.org
Iraq Veterans Against The War http://www.ivaw.net
World Veterans Federation: http://snipurl.com/9nkt
Veterans Against The Iraq War: http://vaiw.org/vet/index.php
Veterans For Common Sense: http://www.veteransforcommonsense.org/index.cfm
VVAW; Vietnam Veterans Against The War: http://www.vvaw.org
Veterans Institute for Security and Democracy http://www.veteransinstitute.org
Citizen Soldier http://www.citizen-soldier.org
National Gulf War Resouce Center http://www.ngwrc.org
USN ’67-’71, GMG3, Vietnam-In Country:’70-’71
Another ‘Nam Vet [Independant] for Kerry

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