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what not to do for peace

Posted by justjoe on August 28, 2005

World Peace not to do’s

  1. Do not overthrow foreign leaders through military and covert forces
  2. Do not create foreign leaders through military and covert forces

Point in case is an interesting artcle to that affect by Ron Beasley from his blog Middle Earth Journal. He titles this entry :
“Small Events have Large Consequences”http://snipurl.com/h9vh



One Response to “what not to do for peace”

  1. Push or drag, that seems to be the only choice, others can be thrown. How they are to be treated is up to the person involved, other times the issue at hand will make the choice easier or even obvious. How to handle things is changing all the time, when the devices change the way things are done change has got to be universal. Before the taser it was customary to shoot a noncompliant perpetrator. Now the life is spared and the officer gets to get his rocks off putting fifty thousand volts through the bastared instead of just dropping him in a puddle of his own blood. That’s progress and both get something out of it one gets life while the other gets more out of his or her day. As the chase for the right from wrong goes on there is a lot of pushing and pulling going on. How much is really needed how much would be solved on its own. Human to human issues are changing as much as they are staying the same what is there that can be done to keep the peace. Give ground, take ground if space is needed spread the people out so there is no interaction. We are running out of room to house these assholes, if you can’t figure out to push when it is needed and pull when you should. You can not hang in the collective that is population is no longer willing to wait for you to figure it out. When the average person gets to be of age where they can drive there should be a few more test or hoops they should have to jump through. A social test, can you make good decisions quickly or even on any time frame. Put them through a couple scenarios and average out the results maybe over a couple days. See them in different moods, times get a real feel for who they are. Once that takes place and if there score is low no license and there sent out of town. Well either that or you will have an asshole that makes poor choices and limited driving skills in front of you on your way anywhere at anytime. Now be it a proactive strike or just plain presumptuous to expel those that tend to annoy, but it seems these are the people who tend to push when a pull is obviously the solution. Clear thinking is not what is being discussed common sense on average is the goal here, giving some room for error I want some inhabitants in the town who’s going to do the things I don’t want to do.
    11/17/2005 9:23:12 PM–>

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