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Profits in war-a most foul and treasonous act

Posted by justjoe on March 2, 2006

Putting the “pro” back into war profiteering as Mark Fiore puts it is presented in his commentary through Mother Jones News at www.motherjones.com

The Long War Inc.-Mark Fiore



One Response to “Profits in war-a most foul and treasonous act”

  1. bmitch said

    If anyone would analyze the real motivations for human activity, he or she would do well, the saying goes, to “follow the money.” So let us look at the real and underlying motivation for wars from the standpoint of that bit of wisdom.

    Let us ask ourselves the question: who has benefitted financially from the war in Iraq? Is it the Iraqis? Is it Saddam Hussein? The American or British soldiers? Is it the veterans? The insurgency? Is it the Bush administration? The Blair administration? Is it the “defense” industry? Is it the military-industrial complex?

    Millions, yea billions of dollars have been spent by the American people on this war. Who has reaped the bulk of the profits? It is the answer to this question that will lead us, I believe, to the key to the answer as to why this war has been fought.

    Are there any circumstances where patriotism is a real motivation for war? Perhaps for those who have no financial stake and will not be recipients of the financial profits of war, but these are not the forces that get people involved in war. The promoters of war are those to whom the money flows, and it is well, when deciding whether or not to sacrifice our sons and daughters in destructive conflict, to answer the question of the real reasons for the war’s promotion and to whom the real benefits will flow.–>

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