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Posted by justjoe on June 6, 2009

HEY, Senator Max Baucus from Montana, in case you are uninformed:




Ignoring “Single Payer” health care is ignorant and a sure fire path to irrelevance. In case you haven’t payed attention we see you and who you’re real constituency is comprised of, (dare I say it) Corporations, Special Interests, (and oh that word) Lobbyists (you know the folks that grease your palms with ill gotten gains at our children’s expense).

Don’t believe me, Max, well take a look at what is going on in plain sight.

Let’s recap point by point “Health Care Reform” Max Baucus and Corporation buddy style

  1. HMO’s, Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance Companies are included
  2. “Single Payer is NOT included (Hmmmmmmm)

And what is “Single Payer” health care

  1. No middle man (Insurance Companies) which means a $0.25 to $0.32 savings on every dollar.
  2. No money for huge salaries, special millions of dollars of bonus compensations to selfish CEO’s and upper management staff that got big but never grew up and their Wall Street shareholders trading on the health misery of 10’s of millions of human beings.
  3. Begs the question. Why do we need Wall Street?
  4. Over 60% of Americans want a national Single Payer government run health care system.
  5. Over 60% of Physicians nationwide want a Single Payer health care program.
  6. Over 60% of Americans are now EXCLUDED from the conversation.
  7. Are We the People Represented? I don’t think so. Not a good move Max and Corporate Buddies.
  8. Physicians for National Health Program http://www.pnhp.org has over 16,000 members and are members of a larger organization called:
  9. Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care representing http://guaranteedhealthcare4all.org over 20,000,000 people nationwide
  10. AMA poll 2 years ago over 59% of physicians want Single Payer Health Care program.
  11. Pediatricians and General health care phsicians 70% to 80% want Single Payer.
  12. 16,000 physicians, over 20,000,000 people, over 60% of the American people and 59% to 80% of Physicians want Single Payer.
  13. Max and Corporation buddies your are not paying attention. You are way on the wrong side of this conversation.

Dear President Obama please do not stand on the wrong side of this conversation. Rep. Massa is right we have your back.

What is seriously sinister to me is the smirks and smiles of the Senator and gallery crowd, kinda like jackals slathering over a fresh kill.

Well the American People are not going to continue to be “Fresh Kill” for you Max and Corporate buddies. Uh uh not happening.

As I said before

YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You just don’t know it yet.



  1. Brad Mitchell said

    Joe, You’re so right! Good government begins with each of us. If we are going to see to a peaceful revolution in government, we are going to have to start bearing responsibility for whom we put in elected positions.

    One of the mandatory tools for this, it seems to me, is a rating of voting records in all levels of government, a kind of scale, ranging from “works for the good of our children” to “works for the monied and special interests.”

    But the real tool of value is the diligence of each person who cares about America to read, know and understand the Constitution of the United States of America and to protect its system of checks and balances and the proposition that it was designed for “We the People”…..”to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice,insure domestic Tranquility,provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

    By the way, it is interesting to note the capitalized words in the Preamble: We, People, United States, Order, Union, Justice, Tranquility, Welfare, Liberty, Posterity, Constitution. Why isn’t defence capitalized?

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